Change your betting style during the season

There is a very thin line between the different periods in a football season, which anyone who deals with betting on football matches should know very well. I talk about the first few months of the season and the last month before the end of the championships. Many punters believe that these two periods are the time to back the stronger teams against the weaker ones. Their arguments for major championships like the Premier League in England, La Liga in Spain and so on are related to the fact that the teams aren’t involved in European tournaments yet, they are not hindered by injuries of the key players and all of their players return from holidays and are keen to play.

However, when we talk about the favorites’matches from other leagues like Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia and so on the betting specialists say there the favourite’s bettingadvantage is even more pronounced. The teams participate in European tournaments and their preparation is aligned so that they should be in top form just as the last play preliminary rounds of the tournament. Ultimately, the entry into the main draw in European tournaments means winning of millions of euros in the vaults of the clubs. That’s why those teams are stronger in August and can easily be supported.

Another highlight comes at the end of the season. Then the short bench of the weaker teams begins to say its word. Injuries of important players are more easily overcome by the larger teams which have equal number of players for each position. In smaller teams, however a long-term injury to one or another key player could be the difference between the salvation and relegation to a lower division. Just because of fatigue after the long season and injuries at the end of the season once again it’s time to bet on the favourites to win over the other teams.

So, to summarize. If you have a betting strategy to support and rely on strong favourites, do it in August and early September. Another period in which again you can have a good chance supporting the favourites is April – May.

Think about it and until you do it take a look on the video below with some of the best goals in Champions League for the season 2011/12

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